About us

ABG Values

Integrity - Acting and taking decisions in a manner that is fair and honest. Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognised for doing so. Integrity for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity, but encompasses all other forms as are generally understood.

Commitment - On the foundation of integrity, doing all that is needed to deliver value to all stakeholders. In the process, being accountable for our own actions and decisions, those of our team and those on the part of the organisation for which we are responsible.

Passion - An energetic, intuitive zeal that arises from emotional engagement with the organisation that makes work joyful and inspires each one to give his or her best. A voluntary, spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm.

Seamlessness - Thinking and working together across functional groups, hierarchies, businesses and geographies. Leveraging diverse competencies and perspectives to garner the benefits of synergy while promoting organisational unity through sharing and collaborative efforts.

Speed - Responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. Continuously striving to finish before deadlines and choosing the best rhythm to optimise organisational efficiencies.

Guiding Principles

Continually improve the products and services through planned growth, technological upgradation, and action oriented research to meet customer's changing needs. This will allow us to prosper in business with a high level of profitability and value additions at the lowest cost to grow and sustain market leadership.

Empower people to develop involvement, teamwork and a culture of caring and self-development. Rewards and recognition will be fair and closely associated with performance of known objectives and contributions to company's stated goals.

Customers are not dependent on us but we are dependent on them. The quality of our products and services must aim to satisfy them alone.

Quality of work and commitment to excellence is everyone's function.

Be fair in our dealings with customers, suppliers and co - employees commanding respect in the way business is conducted.