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Tqm Activities
Total Quality Management at Century Rayon
Century Rayon adopted Total Quality Management as a core philosophy in August 1993. The Inception of TQM as a concept in India by CII was in 1982, Century Rayon, with its deep-rooted ideology to always remain on par with global excellence, adopted this philosophy in a very organized, futuristic, and growth oriented footprint. Ever since then, TQM has become a way of life for the employees of Century Rayon and we treat our Customers with reverence with the ultimate objective of extending time bound quality products at affordable price backed by efficient and effective after sales service.

Total Quality Management is one of the essential ideas towards the Organizations Vision to do right things right, first time right and every time. The principle focus area is Customer Value, with active Employee Engagement driven by irreversible and sustainable Continual Improvement initiatives.

The modules adopted under the domain of TQM include Quality Improvement Objectives, Quality Circles, Suggestion Scheme, Training and 5S. Each of these modules has delivered consistent outcomes with diverse engagement levels of our employees.

Total Quality Management Organization Structure
Management at Century Rayon could foresee the long-term critical success factors that ensure a strong foundation for a vibrant TQM philosophy. TQM Organization Structure at Century Rayon is institutionalized on the PDCA methodology as to how people interact with each other, how communication flows, and how relationships are defined. The structure of the organization reflects the value-based choices made by the company as to how job tasks and functions are formally divided, grouped and coordinated.

The discrete organization structure emphasizes empowering employees to make decisions and use their own intelligence to identify and diagnose quality problems and take corrective actions. Participation is encouraged by recognizing employee accomplishments and providing continuous feedback. The organization Structure also provides employees the latitude to make appropriate decisions within system parameters.

TQM Training and Development Strategy
Training and Development of its employees is one of the key building blocks of TQM at Century Rayon and very important for employees to be highly productive. Strategy for development of people in all aspects of TQM is envisaged through planned Training and Development programs under the umbrella of TQM. TQM Training is a discrete module followed under the umbrella of TQM at Century Rayon.

TQM Training is imparted to all employees to obtain the skills and ability required to function within teams for problem solving, decision making, performance analysis and improvement. During the implementation of TQM at Century Rayon, close to 6500 employees were trained in TQM Concepts in a span of 6 years. The Training module has since then continued with diversification into Soft Skills and Technical related programs.

Training and Development of people is ensured through Annual Programs for Continuous Learning as below:
1. TQM Awareness and Refresher Training for Staff
2. TQM Awareness and Refresher Training for Workmen
3. Need based Trainings
Quality Circle formation
QC Tools
Innovation & Creativity
Continual Improvement Practices
Quality Circles
Quality Circles were introduced in 1987 to encourage Workmen participation in quality improvement initiatives at their work areas. Quality Circles are a feature of TQM for Workmen at Century Rayon to enable their upliftment towards creative thinking, foster their participative skills, enhance communications and provide a platform to interact and display their achievements to the Management.

From last 3 years, the QC activity has undergone positive transformation with the implementation of various Critical Metrics for performance. Benchmarking Quality Circle performance with best of Internal Standards was initiated from 2013 onwards. This initiative was taken a leap further by associating with neighboring industries to achieve breakthrough performance and beat internal benchmarks. In addition to Metrics, reward and recognition policy also acts as a strong catalyst to encourage greater participation and increase effectiveness of existing Circles.

Century Rayon is a registered member with Confederation of Indian Industry and Quality Circle Forum of India and we regularly participate in the Competitions and Conventions organized by them. Quality Circle activity has various levels of participation. Each participation level is accomplished based on performance in its preceding level. QC Project Completion –> Plant level Presentation –> Management Presentation –> Internal Competition –> External Competitions and Conventions (CII & QCFI).

Our Quality circles have been regular winners of various recognitions conferred by CII & QCFI. Our regular accomplishments at the Conventions organized by CII & QCFI are Gold, Silver and Bronze at Chapter Conventions and Par Excellence/Excellenec at National Conventions.

5S was introduced at Century Rayon in the year 2008 and is passionately adopted by all employees in their respective work areas. The module was introduced from the grass root level by Training programs that was provided to Core Group of around 50 members in 2008. Subsequently, all employees were covered under the Training and today it is a fundamental part of our TQM Training Module for effective implementation and practice.

To implement 5S at all areas of the Plant, an Organizational Objective was undertaken on a five Year Plan basis. The objective was to implement 5S across the entire organization by the end of 2013. The entire organization was divided into around 400 areas. During this implementation, 5S Competition Audit Program was also begun at 25 areas in 2009. The program has continually progressed with 125 areas under Competition until 2013. From Year 2013, onwards the entire Plant has been covered under 5S Competition Audits. External Audit of Five S was also initiated from Year 2014.

As part of our Continual Improvement in all modules of TQM, 5S has been given significant importance in the Annual Mission Objectives undertaken each year. Mandatory 5S Projects have been undertaken from all areas in respective AQIO’s in the organization. Around 25 projects related to 5S are under implementation in the organization.

Quality Improvement Objectives were introduced in 2010 and is one of the foremost management Driven Initiatives undertaken towards achieving overall manufacturing excellence. These projects are undertaken based on Annual Mission Review conducted on the 1st of January each year. Projects undertaken have specific goals to be reached with targets derived from the preceding year’s performance results. These targets also form our benchmarks for performance excellence.

Since its inception under the TQM Umbrella, QIO’s have been significantly contributing to various categories of performance excellence like Process, Quality, Efficiencies, Automation, Computerization, Maintenance, Waste Reduction, Water and Energy Conservation, Financial savings, Safety Health and Environment, 5S, Etc. Participation of Staff in QIO’s have also been increasing from 55% to 98% between 2010 and 2015.

Suggestion Scheme
Suggestions Scheme is the key driver for promoting Creativity and Innovation in the organization. Suggestion Scheme is the platform for employees to share their ideas towards the growth of the Organization. The organization consistently reviews the progress of the Scheme in terms of participation and the gains achieved from the Scheme. The scheme has been growing at a pace of 9 % between 2010 to 2014.

Century Rayon is a registered member with the Indian National Suggestion Schemes Association and regularly participates in the Competition Summits organized by INSSAN. Sujhav Ratan, Idea Management Champion, Corporate Participation Recognitions, Case Study Recognitions, Etc are some of our regular achievements from the Summit since 2013.