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About us
Century Rayon is a Division of ‘Century Textiles & Industries Limited’ of the famed BK Birla Group of companies, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in India. The group has leading interests in diverse industrial sectors like Textiles, Cement, Tea, Tyres etc.

Century Textiles & Industries Limited is the flagship Company of the group dealing in the industrial production of viscose yarn, cotton fabrics, cement and pulp & paper products in its various manufacturing divisions of which Century Rayon is one.

Century Rayon contributes to the Viscose Filament Yarn (VFY) business in the group and has the distinction of being the largest producer of the product in India.
The company offers the following products to the market :-
Viscose Filament Textile Yarn (Centrifugally Spun)
Continuous Spun Viscose Filament Rayon Yarn
Rayon Tyre Yarn
Sulphuric Acid
Caustic Soda and its allied products like Liquid Chlorine and Compressed Hydrogen
Century Rayon was established in 1952 under its founder and present chairman Mr. Basant Kumar Birla and commenced production in 1956 with an initial capacity output of 2000 TPA. However, this was only a humble beginning, as Mr. B. K. Birla had then envisaged a much larger set up that eventually saw fruition through various periodic expansions resulting in the present day total capacity of 25000 TPA. Continuing with the company’s growth, the expansion plans incorporated the establishment of Tyre Yarn & Cord Plant in collaboration with M/s. AKU Holland in 1963 and the Continuous Spun Yarn Plant in collaboration with M/s. Snia Engineering, Italy in 1998. Earlier in 1960, the Caustic Soda Plant was established. Subsequently there has been several capacity additions to existing facilities.

Century Rayon is strategically located 54 Km Northeast of Mumbai, the commercial capital of India that has major air and sea ports. The factory campus is spread over 130 acres land astride Murbad Road on the bank of Ulhas River, a lifeline to any viscose factory.

The factory is well connected to the industrial hub of Western India with good connectivity to Mumbai and various other major cities in the region.